[Quick Question] Would any 2"1/2 HDD work in a laptop?

So my laptop (almost 5 years old) still works pretty well and has an extra Hard drive slot I've never used. And I would like to get a second one because reasons.
The thing is that I don't know much about Hard drives, and all I know is that laptop hard drives are of 2"1/2 size compared to the desktop 3"1/2 size.

So would any 2"1/2 hard drive fit and work into mine ? Can it be specific to a laptop or another ? Btw I'm pretty sure it's SATA, last time I cleaned my computer I had to remove the hard drive and it didn't have pins.


Any two and a half drive will fit. this includes SSDs. if you wish to revive an old laptop a bit and give it some speed. BUT be mindful the height of the drives. some two and a half drives are fairly thick. they'll fit. but there could be a chance the back of the laptop may NOT close.

If you are looking for some recommendations here's a good few.

Samsung 850 EVO Drive - 250GB SSD

Crucial MX200 - 250GB SSD

Mushkin Enhanced Reactor - 256GB SSD

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Thanks for the answer ! Exactly what I wanted to know. I'll give these links a look.

an SSD would probably be your best bet unless you want the extra storage space of a HDD, but ya like any of them should fit in it.