Quick question in 900$ gaming build

After 5+ years its time for my old computer to find a grave.

So, Ive compiled a gaming rig with a 900$ budget and I just wanna know if something is overkill or a bottleneck.

Ive checked alot of builds and comments here so I think its quite alright.

I have storage (2.5" and 3.5"), windows and such.


Im swedish so im buying this in Sweden, here is the list at the store im buying from.
100$ more expensive in sweden :(


I would recommend a higher wattage power supply. Power supplies are most efficient when at 50% load and that will give you plenty of room if you want to upgrade components in the future. The rest of the build looks good though.


Hy Spectatorn,

I agree with burdebc on the power supply, a 650W will give more headroom and it will allow you to upgrade more easily. I've got a CX430M series PSU and I can vouch for its realiability. Your GPU choice is impeccable and the CPU you choose will be fine for most things. I hope I'm not wrong, but its performance should be comparable to an i5.

All in all, it's a nice PC! If you can get an SSD in there you'd be set :)

Have fun!

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