Quick 'Prodigy' Question (mITX)

Hello there :)

New here and just want some quick advice from people who have had experience or know the inns and outs of the BitFenix Prodigy (mITX) considering I am building my own smallish form factor PC after being stuck with a pretty crappy Dell Gaming Laptop for 4 years now so I am looking forward for an upgrade. 

Got pretty good parts going into this including the new Asus Impact Board, 4770k, GTX760, Kingston Beast, and so on. 

But my question is will I be able to fit in the newish NH-U14S from Nocuta (since I don't want a closed loop solution) with high profile RAM like the beast series or will I have to change it to low profile not to mention the few riser cards this baord has or even just solve the headache now and get the smaller NH-U12S and maybe add and extra fan to it since its still pretty good and whisper quiet like Logan said in his review?

Thanks for your time. 

Case allows maximum height of 175 mm. NH-U14S - with fan = 165mm. Should have no trouble at all with tall memory.

>>All is good my friend<<<