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Quick help choosing a lang for a small stupid app

Need a quick help from yall

I have plans for a shitty music video but I need an app built for my amiga. I’m willing to learn how to write it, of course, but I don’t know what lang to choose.

I could easily use something like C, but I’m not that invested in it. Basically the app just needs to write over the screen, drop random text characters on the screen, and have the screen flash on a keypress. I also have the idea to have the arrow keys scramble the screen text and change the background colors of the characters, but that may be later on.

I could do Basic, Assembly, or C, but I have the fun option of using the 68010 or the 286 bridge card. So, my question to you guys, in the 4 months I plan to produce this video, what lang would be good to make this app? Out of curiosity, is it possible to use LUA or LISP? LUA preferably…

Dude, use basic.

I always jump at a chance to write something in Basic.


Yeah, I’m biased, but… Python FTW.


I rest my case.