Does this mean I need to buy a sata cord?... I do not have.

That is a SATA connector for a hard drive. But you already knew that.

A SATA cord is required for use as the other cord is only to supply power to it.

Yes you will need to buy one if you don't have one. But be sure your mother board has a sata port on it. If you built you machine you motherboard should have come with a few extras, same with the drive

There's like no spare cables. I knew it was only the power cord I was making sure it was a sata cord I needed. I'll get one.

I powered on the psu and none of the fans spun though, the light on the mobo was on.

Depending on your PSU the fan may not even turn on until a load is put on it.

So once I get the hard drive up, it should post when I power it on? This is a fresh build so no os yet.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but i don't think you technecally need a hard drive to post. Just one to sinstall the OS.