Questions/suggestions for headset

Hey everyone,

I'm looking into buying a headset for around ~250 (the cheaper I spend the better). In terms of knowledge I have next to none, and I've had the astro A40's, and the tritton Pro+ as the headset I've previously owned.

I was wondering if I should go with a gaming headset (comes with a mic) or simply go with a headphones, and buy a external mic with it.

I've been browsing the forums for a while and it seems like there are way to many options for me so I kinda need some help deciding. Although, I've noticed that the audio technica ath-m50 get mentioned a lot. Would these be a good place to start?

I've also come across the terms "open back" and closed back". Does this make a difference?

I would be using these daily for gaming, music, Skype, movies, and a little bit of recording here and there.

Should I consider going wireless? My desk is a mess as it is and reducing the amount of wires would help. However, does the quality suffer that much? Also, I've noticed that many people suggest getting amps with the headphones. Should I do the same?

Just wanted to let you all know that I live in Canada, so pricing may vary for me in regards to the prices you show me.

Sorry if I'm asking way to many things at once, As you can tell I really don't know much when it comes to the audio side of tech. 


Thanks everyone.