Questions for PCIe passthrough with Mobo / GPU combination

So I’m looking at getting :

AMD Ryzen 3900X

Asus X570 Prime Pro

and I would like to have 2 GPU’s, both to be AMD as this is a Linux Host system with various VM of differing OS’s.

I was thinking to save on cost, will an RX580/590 Host card and a 5700XT for the VM work well? Being passthrough, will this motherboard work for it well? I have not found any videos on this and resources are a stretch in this area.

I’d like to see replies in relation to IOMMU groups and different board recommendations, and also which GPU’s are best for these setups.

Thanks !

No, it has the reset bug.

At the moment, Nvidia cards are better for the VM because they do not have the reset bug. Consumer (GTX/RTX) Nvidia cards do have code 43, but that can be worked around at the moment, and then they work great.

Thanks for the info, what about a 5700XT for the HOST and a RX580/590 for the Guest? I really want an all AMD pair, unless absolutely have to, (I do have a GTX970 i could use for guest). Do you know of any combination of GPU’s that could work well?

Some of these have the reset bug, it depends on your exact card model.

Is there a good resource on which cards do/don’t have the bug? I was eyeing cards from Sapphire (Nitro) etc

The Sapphire cards seem to be more likely to work.

I am not aware of a good resource for the 4/500 series cards, sorry.

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So, if having 2 AMD cards is not ideal, do Nvidia cards have issues between generations ? I’d like to keep cost down, so either my vm’s can have say a 1070 and the HOST a 2080 ??? would there be an issue there?

AMD is fine for the host. No problems there. It is only for the guest does it have the issue.

Even the same generation is fine, as long as they have different PCIe IDs. So a 2080 and a 2070 would be fine. Even with two cards that have the same ID it can work, but it is harder to do.

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@TheCakeIsNaOH Thanks for your hlp with this, I haven’t done passthrough and am building a PC (should arrive by the weekend) and the GPU is literally the last purchase. The docs are all over the place so I’ll be checking in more frequently with questions.

Thanks !