Questions about the Mac mini

After seeing my new MacBook Pro my sister is considering buying a Mac mini to replace her 5-7 year old laptop. Her plans are to connect this computer to her TV for now and then when they move in to their new place she plans on having a home office. For the record my sister has both an iPhone and iPad mini and she has used MacOS in the past.

From what I have seen the RAM is upgradable, is that true? Any tips for purchasing the right memory in case we decide to cheap out and get one with less Ram?

Anything else we need to be aware of?

Yes, but its quite fiddly

Ive taken apart an older model in work, you can do it fine, but it could be easy to break something without the right driver or tool if you’re not paying attention.

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I got an older iFix it tool kit, so I should be fine. With that aspect.

your likely to find much cheaper ram since you only need to know the ddr standard and speed (e.g. pc3-10600)
SSD/HDD is also very replaceable
a good example is I took a Xbox one with a 500gb hdd and replaced it with a 2tb ssd (for a friend)

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These guys are the main 3rd party part reseller for Macs in case you aren’t confident speccing out the memory yourself.

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