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Question Regarding Fan Setup in Node 804


So I have a system in a Node 804 that I use as file storage and currently I have 3 HDDs (and a boot SSD) in, they are in the cage closest to the front of the case. Currently I have just the default fans in the system in the configuration it came out of the box but after some stress testing in my setup which is less than ideal for temperatures my HDDs can get fairly hot. I have a noctua industrial NF-F12 fan lying around that I could use but I’m not sure where would be the ideal position and what kind of risk I would have with regards to vibrations with the fan placement being so close to the HDDs.

What fan setup should I use for best airflow for the HDDs and should I use the fan I have or are there specific fans I should use for this situation?


None. Literally.
HDDs aren’t as sensitive as they were 20 years ago. You can drop an HDD while it’s running and it proooobably won’t take damage (hint: don’t try that). HDDs have a tolerance for vibrations, that’s how they’re built. You have vibrations in a regular case as well, way more then a fan produces. Not to mention Noctua fans run pretty steady and don’t produce a lot of vibrations in the first place. In addition to that those fans have dampeners. At that point the HDD produces more vibrations then any fan ever could.
Also if you’re running NAS HDDs in addition to that, those are equipped with firmware specifically with vibrations from 4-10 drives in mind.
Think of the vibrations that are happening in a disk shelf, those run regular desktop drives just fine as well.

Anyway, getting back to the question at hand.
In my 804 I rearranged the fans so that the 3 stock fans are in the HDD chamber, hooked up to the integrated fan controller running on the middle setting (5V I think?), and I have never seen my drives go above 35°C (2 drives in each cage, 1 SSD in the front panel).
In addition to that I bought 2 Fractal HP-12 for the front and 2 Fractal HP-14 for the back and top. I’m using a C2750D4I and the CPU never went above 45°C under load.


Ok. The drives I am running are 2 WD 8TB drives that I shucked the WD Easystore external drives. The other drive is a HGST 3TB NAS drive.

Did you put one of the fans above the HDD chamber? I have all 3 drives towards the front of the case in my system (the SSD is on the bottom in the other chamber). and I currently have my fans connected to the integrated fan controller on the max speed (but currently they are still in the stock configuration) and after some testing 2 of the drives got as hot as 47C and the other got to 44C.

I am not overly concerned about my CPU temps as I am not really doing much CPU intensive currently but during my testing I hit 60C and I am using a J5005

For the time being if I were to just put my noctua fan in (assuming its not enough and I am going to get more fans) what would be the best placement of it.


No, and does it actually let you do that? I didn’t even try. The Airflow is enough anyway with 2 intakes and an exhaust for just the drives.

That’s not too bad for HDDs, considering stock config is only an exhaust for the HDD chamber.

Probably the front top placement in the HDD chamber since that will blow directly onto the drives.