Question re: Supermicro PWS-920P-SQ PSUs: Status Light Colors and Meanings?


I’m looking for advice from anyone who has one of these PSUs. They came with a used server I bought, and I can’t find a manual for them.

Supermicro’s page for these says the lights change color to indicate PSU status, so I’m curious what those colors are and what they mean.

if you’ve got photos, I’d really appreciate it. It looks like it’s a lemon-lime gatorade color when it’s off (in standby?) and a nice green color when powered on. (I edited this after getting better light to look at the … lights.)

My motherboard’s BMC/IPMI isn’t able to talk to them, so I have no way of monitoring their status beyond the lights.


I’m a little confused on your question.
According to the SKU in your topic title, this is the power supply in question:

It says on the Store Page: “LED indicator to keep you informed on normal/abnormal conditions for your PSU”
So that would be what the LED is for I suppose. Where did you read it had anything to do with the drive status? Maybe you confused something on the chassis with the LED on the power supply?

On the Specsheet linked under “Resources” it also states that it has Management Capabilities that you would need, but as we don’t know anything about the rest of your system I can’t give you a hint on that.

My bad; typo. I fixed that.

That should have read “PSU status.”
Mostly, I just want to know if there are any indicator colors beyond yellow (standby?) and green (on, good).

My board can’t talk to the PSU, so its onboard management features aren’t usable.

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Ohh, amazing

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