Question For Wendell

I have a question for Wendell Regarding his work machine. Are you still running your dual 5770's? If so, are you running them in crossfire or individually? I currently have a 6770, which is the same card and am probably getting a second one soon to do six monitors.

6870 and 5770. I like the 5770s. Its funny.. these older-generation cards (not sure about the 5770 specifically) support dual dvi-d. which iw awesome.

Not running crossfire, though on my work pc. "Generally" the korean 27s are dual-link DVI and older cards like the 8800 gtx are dual dual-link dvi. the trend of "modern" cards having one DL DVI and one SL DVI is a bit silly. I guess the older cards can't push the res for gaming, but what does that matter? The DP to DL DVI adapters are pricey, and don't always seem to work.

I do like that recent cards (e.g. EVGA 770 ACX) can drive 3/4 displays from a single card.


the r9 series fixed that. they have 2x dl dvi... plus hdmi, etc.

Hmm. Thanks for the info. I actually may do a similar setup with a more powerful card for 1440p, while still keeping my 6770 so I can do 6 monitors. If I can find a good deal, that is.