Question for Chinese/Asian forum members

I like to read a really wide range of stuff but one area that I am interested in but having trouble with is Chinese books.

Western culture is something that is well written about and has a wide range of books available (mostly becasue English is a language many people use) so findinfg interesting books is relatively easy.

When it comes to Chinese and Asian cultures I have found it much harder to find good books. Probably due to a lack of translations rather than a lack of books.

What I am actually after is the Chinese equivalent of historical novels, fairy tales, cultural stories. As examples I will list the books I have read from Western culture for comparison.

Arabian Nights
Lian Hearn's "Across the Nightingale Floor" series
European Mythology and Fairy Tales
Folktales of the Native American
Shike series
All of the 'Witcher' novels

Anyone is more than welcome to add any books that they know of, but I would prefer translated originals over books written by Westerners.

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There are English translated versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, Journey to the West and Dream of the Red Chamber. These are the four great classical novels of China. I cannot comment on the English version of the books as I have only read the Chinese versions since my mother tongue is Chinese.

Do pick them up if you can, these are really good novels and they have existed for more than 200 years for good reasons

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Thanks! These are EXACTLY the sort of texts I am after!

No problem, there are more good Chinese novels around such as this

and Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio and Investiture of the Gods. Have fun reading!

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