Question about SSD's

Hi, so im wondering if its better to have a smaller faster drive or a larger but slightly slower drive? Im trying to decide between a 120gb samsung 840 evo or a 240gb crucial M500. Im planning to install windows 7, some games and a few apps. 

I think in your situation, it basically comes down to how much SSD storage you want. As far as speeds, I don't think you'd see a significant advantage over the Crucial brand if you chose the Samsung. If your concerns are regarding gaming performance, installing games on an SSD cuts your loading times significantly but thats about it. You wont see much in-game performance gains from installing on an SSD rather than say a 7200rpm hard drive.

I installed my first SSD (a kingston ssdnowV 128gb) only 5 months ago and it is already full. After installing Windows 7 and a few programs, I only had enough space left to install BF4 and thats it. I think most users only install the 1 game or maybe couple of games they play frequently or online on their SSD, and the rest on a traditional hard drive. But if you're looking to get the absolute best possible performance from all of your games and those lightning fast loading times, I'd suggest getting the crucial 240gb.


If you are coming from a spinning hard drive, any ssd will feel infinitely faster to you. The speeds between a top tier ssd and a lower one will usually be negligible to you.

If you are putting this in a laptop where you only have 1 drive bay, definitely go for more space.
Also you should check if your hard drive connector is SATA II or SATA III. SATA II may not even take full advantage of top tier ssd speeds.

Depending on how many games you want to install 120 gigs will go by pretty fast, so unless a few seconds of OS boot time is really that important to you, I would recommend going for more space.


Thanks for the advice. I only have SATA 2 on my motherboard unfortunately. Its going in a desktop and im going to have at least 2 hard drives. I think im going to go with the 240gb crucial. Seems like the sweet spot for price/performance.