Question about serial to IP converter

A friend of mine has a daiquiri shop, and for the longest time they have had an old analog CCTV system that we have begun swapping to an IP-based NVR and IP-camera system. Employee theft is a pretty big concern. In place already with the analog system we have 3 “text inserters” that are in-line between three of the analog cameras and the DVR, each overlooking 1 of 3 cash registers. The text inserters (AVE VSI-Pros) take data from the COM port of each cash register and overlay that text onto the video in real time. So basically any input the employee does on the register is overlaid onto the video and recorded.

Obviously this is no longer an option with the new system, however it does support TCP/UDP capture of said data, it only needs an IP to pull the data from and a port. So, I’m thinking that by connecting one of these to a COM port on the register, and connecting this device to the network and giving it an IP, it should spit the data out no problem? The problem is I don’t really know much about these type of connections besides setting the baud rate, etc, nothing about how this actually gets converted into Ethernet packets.

Any insight is appreciated, I know this pretty esoteric but I was just curious to hear some thoughts from others before I end up wasting my time on this.

The description says it supports TCP server mode, which is probably what you’d want for your camera system. Text gets translated to something like telnet?

Question is, how often will the camera system poll the server for new text, what bit rate does it support?

For $30 USD its not too expensive to get one and experiment with it. Feed it data from putty via a usb to serial converter before messing around with the point of sale connection.

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I don’t think it polls actually, IIRC the NVR actually asks for an “Allowed Remote IP Address” (which I would assume is the converter), and I think these converters will ask for a destination IP. So the converter will send any input from the touch screen on the POS instantly

It can be done straight to the NVR with a serial cable but the NVR only has one serial input. Anyway, went ahead and ordered one to play with. Might learn a thing or two lol

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Had to use UDP server mode. Was pretty tough to figure out due to the converter being Chinese as shit, but I found that they had a testing software which helped a lot