Question about safe AMD GPU temps

Hey everyone, so I have a Sapphire r7 260x and since it's getting a lot warmer in my room I wanna know what the safe temps for it are? I tried to keep it at like 65*C, but because the fan on my card is somewhat shitty and starts making weird noises at around 70% speed I want to drop the fan speed and maybe overclock the card a bit.

SO, the question is - What are the safe temps to run my r7 260x at?

Thanks in advance, guys!

Max temps for that card is 80c...65c is fine

The max temp is 95, not 80. At 95 it will throttle quite harshly to keep the temperatures in check.

@Akalion Keeping your temps sub 80C is safe but I personally prefer to keep it sub 70-75 at max.

You should also check to see if the VRM is over 100. I think it's limit is 110 on 260s, don't quote me on it though...

If its too hot try changing the TIM and reseating the cooler on the GPU. It's shocking how much of difference this can make if you haven't done it in a while. A lot of companies seem to be using TIM that sets like concrete at the moment...

Thanks! I thought going over 70 wasn't a good idea, guess I was wrong.