Question about privateinternetaccess

so, i have recently found out my ISP hoovers up the websites i go to for advertising purposes, and i have decided i might rent a VPN to stop this from happening.

also, my school's network management is less than ideal, making me unable to access my home computer at times.

since PIA is a teksyndicate partner-ish (i guess) and they have a server in the netherlands (my internet connection passes by the netherlands anyways, so not much increased ping there) 

but i have one question about their payment system:

it says $40/year

does this mean my account will go away after a year, or will it automaticly charge the $40 again?

i'm very careful about it charging again automatically, because this would mean disaster in case i forget to cancel it (if i want to stop using it) or in eventual account theft.

They have it set up through PayPal so that it creates an automatic charge once a year. You can cancel it any time and your account will be deleted as soon as the year is up. So what you could do is purchase the year and then go ahead and unsubscribe. You will be able to use your account for the whole year but it will not automatically charge you at the end.