Question about my 7870

Before I start, here's my computers specs.

Case: Cooler Master HAF XM RC-922XM

Power Supply: CORSAIR AX850

OS: Windows 7 Home

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V PRO LGA

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K

Memory: G.SKILL DDR3 1600 16gb

Hard Drive: 1TB Werstern Digital, Samsung 84

Video Card: GIGABYTE 7870

Monitor: ASUS VG248QE

Mouse: 2013 Razer Deathadder

Mousepad: qcK+

I've also got a Corsair h80i cpu cooler.

I would like to note that everything is at factory clock speeds, so no OC over here.. yet.

Anyways.. Here is my question.

I play a wide variety of games, and I should be able to play pretty much anything and everything, if not maxed out, very close.

I've been playing Fallout New Vegas again lately because I finally picked it up on PC for super cheap. I WAS running NV at maxed out settings, literally everything as high as it can go; with literally no hiccups what so ever.

So a few days later and I decide I want to get into the world of mods for the game..

So, I dl and install the Nexus Mod Manager(NMM), some of the mods I was looking at required the  4GB New Vegas Script Extender(NVSE). I dl NVSE and put the correct files in  the data folder where they are supposed to go.

Everything should work like normal persay? Well, I guess I was wrong.

Now at maxed out settings, I get extremely frequent hiccups. Nothing that makes the game unplayable by any means, but it gets extremely annoying. I've tried to remedy this by removing the files.. even lowering the graphic settings and it's still there.

I even went to far as to literally delete all of NMM and the mods, as well as the entire root folder for Fallout New Vegas and to re install it(Already did this). So, I literally had no traces of New Vegas, The Mod Manager, or mods present when I reinstalled.

Even with a brand new install, it still persists and It's getting a little discouraging.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post, but I figured the more information the better.

Anyone? :(

Man, that's unfortunate. Are you ok playing other games, at least? If you can play other games until someone proposes a fix, that would be somewhat comforting.

And yeah, the 7870 probably wouldn't run too many mods.

You don't think the 7870 will run that many? I'm not that knowledgeable about all of it, but why do you say that?


Depends how intensive each mod is. My 780 can drop frames with some of the demanding mods.

Right now, I'm only looking to run NMC's texture mod, the Weapon retexture project, and project nevada(I know this is a gameplay mod). And a few other non texture changing mods.

Hm, that is unusual. This might be a silly suggetion, but check your drivers.

How are your other games running?

Pretty much flawlessly. I'll check for my drivers and let you know.

Just compared versions to whats the most recent ones are on AMD's website, they're up to date.

if you're other games are fine, I very much doubt it is your drivers. It was just worth eliminating that.

I entirely understand, trial and error. Should I try installing the weapon textures manually and just verify my game cache if it doesn't work?