Question about minor case mods

So i just bought a new case and thought it would be really cool to have a symbol or somthing decorating the side. I was wondering what the usual way of going about this is. I was thinking possibly using a stencil and an airbrush or perhaps a custom decal would be better. anyone know what the best way is? or any cheaper ways that will work just fine?

depends on how good you are with stenciling and airbrushing... the airbrusk might be a little more permanent. 

you might need to sand it down, primer it, and repaint the whole thing using a stencil, idk I've never done one myself before, but the metroid symble would look pretty bad ass on a case

I was also wondering if anyone knew of someplace to send the case pannel out to to get it done for me. just curious

Expensive, but they are the best.