Quest for a new mouse+keyboard

I use mechanical keyboards and im looking for one that doesnt have numpad (or able to move it to other side of keyboard) 

Also a plus to have a big normal enter button and preferably red backlight shining throught key letters so i can see them in the dark.


I use the func ms3 r2 mouse atm and it has some weird mouse acceleration/jumping about thing/unaccurate etc so im changing it.

Im using my mouse at 300-600 ish dpi. I need a mouse that has the same shape-ish (as in spots to hold fingers so they dont touch the table) Palm grip

And infrared sensor logan said in a video doesnt have mouse acceleration but any suggestions is taken aslong as its accurate. 


Currently using mouse: Func MS-3 r2

So far i have tested mice: 

Razer Ouroboros - shape hurts my hand/lil finger hits table

Qpad 5k - unaccurate/lil finger hits table


Currently using keyboard: Qpad mk-85

So far i have tested keyboards:



Mouse acceleration != accurate so it's good if it doesn't have it.

I have big hands and only used medium sized mice in a claw grip like Razer Diamondback and Steelseries Kana. SS Sensei would be something for you maybe. Also look into Logitechs and Corsair keyboards. I don't like the new razer mice.

The Mionix Naos 7000 has a great sensor and looks pretty similar in shape. Do not get the 8200, the 8200 has acceleration issues.

For keyboard with no numpad, i'm recommend the cm storm quick fire rapid.

Ty for trying to help

but naos 7000 doesnt have big enough lil finger rest. my lil ringer will drag the table on it. For the keyboard I forgot to say backlit key letters is needed for me as im always in dark. 


none of the mice you suggested have anywhere near big enough shape and probably all clawgrip. i cant do clawgrip as my hands hurt. i need a big mouse with shapes for my fingers to not drag the table.

Still need help guys.

When the naos is too small for you, you're pretty much creating an impossible task. There might be a handfull that exist, but i wouldn't know where to start looking because it certainly doesn't exist with any mainstream mouse company and the chances that any of them have a very good sensor is low. You might need to be open to changing your grip style.

i use the razor naga  and i got huge hands has interchangeable sides to match your fit 

Im not saying the naos is too small - im saying my lil finger will drag the table as in the mouse will need a finger rest

clearly 2 separate indents on the right side one for the ring finger, one for the "lil finger". lil finger shouldn't drag

I understand what you are trying to say but that lil finger rest is too small :S

and no mainstream manufacturer i am aware of has a mouse with a bigger rest for just the pinky finger. And if you don't go mainstream, then the chances of it having a good sensor is pretty low.

Razer Ouroborros?

Alredy tried it and it didnt work :S 

maybe time to switch to PS4 / Xbox controller... ;)

Thats not gona happen. Cant even use controller for what i do and controllers are horrible.