Wendell made a comment about how ECC memory isn't *that* important for home servers/NAS.  Although he briefly explained why, could that be elaborated on?  (I do not remember which video that was from.)

Also, what do you guys think of the FM2+ platform?

ECC memory only gives a slight amount of error protection, i.e. non-ECC memory will very rarely cause the problems that ECC is designed to protect against, at least in systems with relatively small amounts of memory.  For "mission critical" situations on large systems where uptime is paramount it is worthwhile to spend the extra money to get ECC memory, but for most home servers where you can just reboot the device if it isn't working ECC won't provide as much benefit.  As far as I know having ECC memory doesn't really hurt, so if you've got some extra money to spend then go ahead and get some.

This is unrelated, but why did you title the thread "queries"?  What country are you from?

guess he meant "questions?" i was ready to get into databases right now.

I was also ready to tell him to just EXEC sp_MSforeachtable 'DROP TABLE ?'

ECC doe help is you are using ZFS as your file system. Since ZFS does a lot of file protection and repair automatically, small errors on the memory side, can eventually lead data degradation.

But if you went with something like EXT or BTRFS they more built to run without ECC.

Just don't use NTFS (Windows) it was never designed for that use.

FM2 is great for mediacenters but not really for Server work. Intel and AMD both have cheap server CPUs. Intel has some very cheap embedded atoms for servers. Low power and stability is key for a server.

I am from the US of A; the upper peninsula of Michigan, to be more precise.  I labeled the thread in such a way as to get attention - and it was a vague reference to the character of Nordom, from Planescape: Torment.

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Yikes, I didn't mean the questions to be linked, I was just curious about Logan and Wendell's option on the FM2 platform.  It's always interesting to hear people's options on it, especially with the release of the Crossblade Ranger.

Thanks to all, though, for the information.