QUEM: decent GPU performance with one GPU?


I’m using Linux for almost everything, however there are some windows 3D programs that I need to use, and it would be nice if I could run them in a VM.

I’ve looked around and it seems like that the only way is to buy another GPU, however most of the documents focus on having native performance while I only need a “decent” level of performance.

So, is there a method today to have a non-horrible level of 3D performance with a single GPU?


There’s virGL, but last I heard it didn’t work on Windows or was totally experimental there.

And if you have an Intel iGPU you can use gvt-g to split the iGPU up into chunks.

I’m not aware of anything other than those options, I wish there was! If you have the space and a 1x or better pci-e slot available a $15 old radeon and possibly a cheap mining riser would give you a basic graphics card you could pass through.

I was asking a similar question earlier today, and someone suggested this solution: