Quality wireless headset (Not anymore, now with a wire.)


A friend of mine recommended this forum since i'm trying to find a suitable headset for myself.A headset should be wireless or at most with the changeable wire. Would prefer with a mic. Has to be comfortable to wear for many hours in a row. 

The price range is around 100€ give or take a bit.

Will use it mostly for skype/teamspeak and gaming(gaming sounds not that important as skype tho)

Please let me know what you guys would suggest, also i live in europe (obviously since the euros) if that makes any difference.



Thanks in advance,


Do you really need a wireless solution?

The quality will be inferior to a wired Headset/Headphones at the same price level.




Logitech G930, pretty much perfect for you.

i'm starting to think otherwise, but i'd love a headset with a removable wire so that i can change it easily when it breaks..


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I enjoyed the quality of the corsair 2100's but i couldnt get them to fit me correctly I also tried creative labs rage 3d's which seemed nice but ended up being also uncomfy to me, I think the whole one size fit's all for each brand is rediculous BUT, there is a good chance that any of those headsets will make you very happy, in my humble opinion it takes you trying a bunch to find something that is your cup of tea, i would recommend finding a store that has a good return policy and maybe put up the extra cash for the better warranty and just start trying them if you have a medium to large skull I hae no idea what wireless set would work but i would start at the corsairs as they were as close as i ever got to a great wireless headset.

My only gripe with wireless headsets is when it's flat. You use a micro usb connector to charge and the socket in the headset wears out and moving your head cuts power / charging all the time.

If only they had a locking connector on the headset for the USB lead.

I bought the corsair 2100's, they were super comfy if a bit heavy and sounded good but i had to send them back because they disconnected most of my other peripherals.

So i have kind of given up on buying a wireless one, now just looking for something that feels comfy(im logging mad hours in skype) and is with a decent mic. Had my eye on Siberia V2 since they seem to be really light.

i replaced the 2100's with beyerdynamic dt770 pro's and a modmic 4.0. twice the price but i'm happy with them.