Quad-monitor stand or arms for 27"

Does anyone know where to find one? I can't find a good one anywhere. Or, can you reccomend any monitor arms

Space Co. They're the ones Wendell uses and they're bloody fantastic.

Can't afford them. $1100 for the quad monitor arms. Anything else?

Can probably put some on the epic pants store for you for ~~ $800 with the tree but DIY is also an option. You looking for 2x2?


yeah, if you want quality monitor arms/stands you have to pay quite a lot for it. right now I have 6 24 inch monitors hooked up to a cheap mount I got on amazon (100 bucks, mount-it! is the brand) and it is fabulous for the price. but it sucks, the ability to adjust angles, height, and distance is quite poor. not to mention the outside monitors hang maybe an inch at the ends. 

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Double-Monitor-Arm-SpaceArm-Bolt-Thru-White-by-SpaceCo-/251628483099?pt=US_Monitor_Mounts_Stands&hash=item3a9639f21b Is this the brand Wendell uses?

I'd rather do DIY than spend $1100 on arms. Options?


Think I found one. Opinions? Still will do DIY, though

Yep, that's them. And that's a really good deal. You would still need to get a 'tree' though and a different mount (probably about $150) so 4x$120 + 150 -- about $700 all told that way. Not too shabby.

The other one looks decent though, the chief one. I got the crescent thing a while ago as an add-on. I really like it.


I thought those were it. I might buy them. But, since you said the Chief ones I posted looked decent, I might go for them because it's two level, and not REALLY expensive. I'll do research to try to find a review


20 LBS per mount. Weight by itself is 47 LBS. Is that considered a lot? And I can do landscape and portrait. Seems solid

Not to hijack this thread, but is anyone here using the chiefmfg. I'm in the market for a dual monitor mount, and the k3, grommet mounted setup seems perfect for me. I'm uber jealous of Wendell's Spaceco arms. They look amazing!! But I just can't afford those things. 


Sorry to necro, but wendell have you tried these at all for ultra wide pannels. I wanted to put a 2nd monitor above my wifes 34" dell ultra wide.

Yup it's fine. Really heavy monitors can fatigue the plastic over time but unless you are hanging 40lbs of glass on it you will be fine

we use these at work

cheap and 2x dual will cost you under 100$

I dont think that would work as I wanted to put the 2nd monitor above the 34" Ultra wide.

I saw someone post a dual ultrawide spaceco set up that ran him $400 so I will probably go that route.