QT Creator 6

I’m hoping users on here with experience can point me in the right direction. Recently I’ve been learning QT as a hobby to see if I can build applications.
I’ve been following this course which seems decent. I’ve been writing everything out in code to learn it more rather than using the drag/drop UI.
I’m picking it all up and it seems decent but not being a programmer I wouldn’t be sure were is best to go from here to increase skills in this area? (As an FYI I work in IT security so I’ve no interest in working as a programmer but I’d love to be able to write open source app’s as a hobby and maybe help others build their ideas as I like to help others and teach when I can).
I’m hoping their are some QT developers on here that could give me some direction.

I’m not a QT (or any other type) developer but the KDE project uses QT as a base for it’s software. So you could explore getting involved with them.
As a plus the KDE project as a whole is quite large and varied so you could explore different areas to find what you enjoy contributing to and working on (the desktop, an existing application, mobile etc.)

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Thanks for the info. I will look into that. I’d love to try help out if I can.

#1 resource is the Qt documentation. IMO, the Qt project has the most comprehensive docs of any software project of its scale.

Qt Creator should also have a bunch of example projects on the welcome page when you first open it.

One resource of note is the VoidRealms youtube channel. He has two Qt playlists, one that is for Qt6, and another for Qt4/Qt5. its a bit dated but most of the APIs should still work. Lots of bitesized videos that give a nice overview of the framework.