QoS help

Hello all. I have a ongoing network issue that affects my pings in video games (specifically and especially battlefield titles). Basically i have my main PC hooked up via Ethernet to my router and every other device connected via wifi, on the 5ghz band if possible. I have 10 phones that are constantly streaming videos 24/7 and while this impacts my DL and UL speeds on a very minimal level it makes my ping in games unbearable. I have determined that these phones streaming videos are the problem because if i stop the phones from streaming then my ping goes back to normal. I was instructed in a thread i made on networking hardware that QoS would be the way to allow higher priority to my PC so it rules over these phones and make my connection better for my computer. I have dabbled into the basics of setting it up but to no avail.

Since my thread on networking hardware has surpassed the point of the actual hardware (since i upgraded from using a motorola sbg6850 as both my router and modem to now using a asus rt-n66u as my router and the sbg6850 as my modem) and into a more software level i should create a thread here to try and get more relevant help. Here is the link to the thread so you all can get a bit more info and what I have tried thus far and the suggestions i have received: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/need-help-with-a-networking-issue/80399/19

QOS doesn't really have to deal with a specific computer as it does the type of content. Gaming usually takes a back seat to video streaming. And in your case there is lots. Since you are over ethernet, there is not much you can do, other than to increase your bandwidth from your ISP.

That being said you can set up your computer to have privileged traffic. Keep in mind that for gaming all you really need to have a decent connection is ~5 mbit up. Thats for connecting, not hosting. Hosting I wouldn't recommend unless you have minimum 20 up.

Secondly, I looked at your imgur links and from what I could see I didn't see an option to specify your computer, although it could be IP based and in the advanced settings.

Keep in mind that just some games have shitty ports and you'll have to deal with it. If there are really 10 people on your network, using that much data, what you're asking for may not be feasible. I work for a small ISP myself, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. That being said, I'll help you as best I can.

On the imgur link (which by suggestion in the other thread i have removed the battlefield 4 specific rules.) my computer is the one labled as "Jalen". When you are making a rule with QoS and i click the drop down under "source ip or mac" it gives me a list of all the devices on the network and their names and on selection inputs the mac address of said device.

ahh okay, then put in your ip address and mac. And umm just curious, what is your download speed?

But i have already done that hence the rule with the service name "Jalen" under "File Transfer".

I pay for 10/1 but during the day i can get 17/1.5 and then very early in the morning (3-4am) my speed can go down to 11/.7

is that in MB (Megabytes) or Mb (Megabits)?


Sorry i did not mean to post in the other thread. I've got a lot open right now.

5 mbit up for gaming.... you are joking right. which game that you have played uses 600KB/sec as upstream? Because I don't know a game that even uses a tenth of that.

That said if 10 phones are streaming 24/7 (like WTF is going on there) keep in mind that in general that the general rule of streaming is that it need about 10% of upload speed for the stream it downloads. So if the stream uses 500 KB/sec to get to the phone it uses 50 KB/sec upstream to keep the stream going with checks and such.

So I would say the streams are just clogging up the pipe you have. Set port 80 traffix lower on the QoS list, but I doubt it will remove all the problems.

Ill link it here

uhh just a few days ago i was hosting a 6 player, 8 bot, game of Civ 5 and my bandwidth was maxed out

And I read all the other posts in the thread, and it looks like you will have to get a dedicated router. The router modem combination you have is just barely powerful enough to handle all the stream. And @Hakker is right about the upstream, if they are all on, then you will not have connection. If you can pay for more bandwidth do so, you need more.

And if you do plan to get a router you need to get a decent one, and mayhaps instead of creating another ticket go to the hardware forum and search for good router recommendation posts. They're pretty good over there.


The best thing you can do is purchase a plan with more bandwidth.

The next best thing would be to get a dedicated router.

His router isn't the issue the Asus can handle that without any issue. The modem just passes it though so that will not be a factor. But the 1 mbit upstream is basically your killer here with 10 streams going. Afaik there aren't rules that you can place an IP as a QoS rule. but then again haven't touched a Asus router or a DD-WRT one in a long time.

you could try to set port 80 traffic lower on the list and test with that but like I said I doubt it will fix all your issues. Had to edit the above post with this bit as setting one port lower is easier than setting 30 ports higher on the list :)

I have upgraded from my router modem combo. Instead of using the motorola sbg6850 as my router and modem it is only being used as a modem. I upgraded to a Asus rt-n66u which is regarded as a fairly high end router.

Awesome, how is that working for you?

This has been the case since the beggining of this thread. I mentioned in the OP that I had upgraded my router due to suggestion of my other thread and made the post here in regards to QoS.

Simply upgrading to a strong standalone router did nothing for the issue ( though it feels as website load faster but maybe that's just placebo)

just fyi, the phones are using RTTP to steam video/audio which means they have smaller header and will be processed much faster. QoS might not help here with rtp.

what can you do:
- Create vlan for your phones and limit interface speed.
- Make rttp header larger.
- Lower quality of the video stream and audio, cut down audio frequency.
- Lower your tcp/ip header on your pc. (you won't beat rtp header but you can at least try)

I have had some odd development with this issue. If i were to go and try play battlefield 4 right now i would have super high ping due to the phone streaming videos. Through experimentation though i have found something odd. If i stop the phones complexly, get into a game of battlefield 4 my ping will be great due to the phones not streaming. Ping is fine and all and then i go and start the phones streaming again. One would presume with the phones streaming and playing the game i would suffer from ping issues again but that is not the case. My ping issues are nearly non-existant if i simply start streaming them post joining a game (There is still a issue but its only 5% at most compared to the issue of trying to join a game while they are streaming). Any idea on why this is?