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QEmu Bridge & Bond

Hi all,

New to Linux - Following the latest farce Windows update and still getting to grips with bits having only dabbled previously. I’m on Linux Mint

I’ve been using QEmu/KVM/Virt-Manager to set up a VM, however my network interfaces are bonded (4 NICS to take advantage of fast NAS speeds over 4 x Gigabit).

I’ve managed to get a bridge working, however it seems like I have to decide between using an ethernet connection in a bridge or in the bond; not both.

Is there any way to achieve this? I’ve included a screenshot of my current setup (bond0 slave 1 now unused as it is in the bridge)

Thanks in advance


Why would you need both? I’m not one to use VM’s all the time, but my understanding is a bridged connection just passes the connection over right?

Ditch the GUI and setup the bridge using nmcli.

I’m not sure what the rest of the network looks like but interface bonding doesn’t usually equal faster speeds automatically.

Using the cli you would create a bridge interface first, and then add the bond interface as a slave, but not the bond slaves themselves.

You could also go back to network init scripts and build this the old fashioned way

You have a bond on the host OS, right? The install on the physical hardware should have 4 Gbps.

The virtual network device is not limited to any particular speed. So my recommendation is to install a virtio network device. Just one. It should go as fast as possible from the guest VM to the physical network, which should be 4 Gbps.

You don’t need any individually routed and bonded virtual interfaces.

Update: Sorry, just realized I misunderstood what’s going on. This is the virtual bridge that’s giving you the problems. The one that lets you network to the host and other virtual machines. Sorry, don’t have any good advice at the moment. Try that command-line idea.

Just to follow up on this; it is doable through terminal.

I have also switched to debian since and network manger is more than happy to do it in the GUI. Thanks for the input, guys