(QD-|W)OLED burn in

I found the video where Wendell talks about using the CX for productivity:

He also mentions that he expects 2-3y lifetime out of the monitor which is definitely on the shorter end for my taste :frowning:

I have not found any follow-up on the CX but I did find an appearance of Wendell on LTT (back to you Steve^^):

There, he mentions that there are signs of burn-in on the screen and a redish circle in the middle but he still considers OLED the best for hist particular use case.

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A lot of time has passed since that video. I’m delightfully surprised that running the pixel cleaning more often than I used to, since I am nearing the end of my 3 year lifetime, and things are still fine, is very encouraging. If I get 5 years out of it I will be so happy. It looks like I’m on course to get5 years, maybe more.


how about a calibration comparison over time?.
basically compare the image accuracy/quality from then to now and again in 2 years…

i would assume that things like colour vibrance will be the first to fade.
but it would be nice to know for sure.


its likely detectable at this point, but I haven’t noticed it other than on full white screens you can tell the display is a little… inconsistent. going back and forth between a lot of different computers through the week… it just feels better sitting down at an oled display tho


Thx, that’s encouraging to hear. I might end up using the display roughly 2-3h a day for work (mo-fr) and also for gaming whenever I feel like it.

I assume this means you are also not using the display for productivity for 6-8h a (work)day?

I assume the reason you won’t go bacl are the ones you mentioned it the video. So, everything looks and feels just better.

8+hours/day on time.

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Are you including Saterday and sunday in your calculations, meaning your monitor is on eight hours a day.

I just wanted to update this thread and thank everyone for their respective input. While I am still undecided on which monitor I will end up purchasing, the OLED discussion here has helped my a lot. :slight_smile:

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