Thinking about purchasing a new monitor

Every since the announcement of the new G9s I am contemplating on purchasing one of them. Those are the two options if you are not familiar with them:

49" 1440p OLED:

57" 2160p Mini-LED:

As you can see, both are 32:9 but I’m not sure which one I should pick. I have heard great things about OLED when it comes to colour accuracy, but also negative things like burn-in. Although, nowadays this appears to be less of an issue than it was a few years ago.

The 2160p has a massive resolution, but it “only” uses Mini-LED which does not have the accuracy, but can get brighter and also does not suffer from burn-in.

That being said, the a GPU which is able to handle 2 4k screens at once (which is basically what the 57" is) does not exist yet. Thus, I would rely on DLSS + Frame Generation or FSR to play games at decent FPS. However, I know that DLSS running at 960p and upscaled to 5120x1440p looks acceptable, so I argue I could just use DLSSTweaks and run DLSS at 960p render resolution, but upscale it to 7680x2160. The picture quality should roughly be the same, right?

Do you have any recommendation or input to help me chose one or the other? I mainly use this monitor for gaming, so just consider it as a 100% gaming monitor.

Furthermore, I know not all games support DLSS but those that do not also do no interest me at the moment and I don’t mind coming back to those games in a few years with a new GPU that is able to handle them at 7680x2160p.

Additionally, I do not have a window behind my desk but on the left side and to the front, but I can use curtains if I so desire. (I would prefer having the curtains on the sides though.)

Finally, I am not a high FPS gamer, as I consider everything at around 50 FPS to be smooth enough for my purposes and I cap most games at 50 or 60 FPS. (Unless I am using FG, but I do not want to get into this topic now^^)

Anyway, thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

I upgraded to the OLED masterrace and I will say once you go OLED, you really cannot go back to anything else. With that said, I am using the LG G2 42 inch as my monitor. I use it mostly for productivity as my PC cannot play games well because it is 11 years old and my PS3, well, yeah. and the PS4 is downstairs.

I would say that you should not buy for the future and buy for what can actually work now. IF you plan on keeping the monitor for a long time, then maybe get the larger one if you are not looking for the qualities of OLED and you are okay with the upscaling. Otherwise, get the OLED, and when you are ready to upgrade to something that can do 4K, then sell the monitor and buy the new GPU and Monitor at the same time.

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57" is… big.

I used to use dual 34" monitors, but I never really used all the space. The far edge of the second monitor was just too far away to really be useful.

I have a 34" Odyssey G7 as my gaming monitor which is pretty nifty, so between those two I’d go with the smaller one.


Thanks for the feedback. The OLED will definitely have nice colours, but I am worried about burn-in, as mentioned in another thread. From my current perspective, I do intend to keep the monitor for quite a while but I know myself and when it comes to PC things I often end up buying new stuff :smiley:

I also simluted the monitor with DSR ran a Cyberpunk 2077 benchmark (everything maxed, PT, FG) with custom DLSS render resolution and currently had the following results:

Cyberpunk 2077
FPS Temp Power
Min Max Avg Avg Max
5120x1440 @960 57,42 95,04 76,18
FPS Temp Power
Min Max Avg Avg Max
7680x2160 @960 57,5 79,93 66,39
FPS Temp Power
Min Max Avg Avg Max
7680x2160 @1080 49,19 70,2 57,27

(Mind you, those are preliminary results of a single run!) Anyway, what I have noticed is that the average FPS with 960p at 2160p are 87% compared to 1440p, which seems to be the cost of additional upscaling. Unfortunately, I would argue that the as to my knowledge 960p → 2160p looks wore than 960p → 1440p.

I would not mind that, I find the experience of large 32:9 more immersive. Addiitonally, the minimap is just a fast movement of the head away but you still cannot play and constantly look at it.

Anyway, as it currently stands I am still going back and forth :laughing:

Hey, just a quick update:

In the end I picked (technically) neither of the two and went with this one:

This is still a G9 OLED, but one without the Tizen chip and the remote control. Which is a few hundred bucks cheaper and also becomes less hot.

Thank you all for the help!

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