Q6600 overclocks

With the Q6600 and the XFX 680i LT motherboard, I can overclock to 3.4Ghz

FSB: 1512

Voltage: 1.5V

Mem: 900

Heat is a problem, I'm going water cooling in a few days.

Nice, I am going to get the Q6600 too and i am thinking of the XFX 790i and water cooling but i dont know what one to go for what water cooling you getting?

megotrice, if you go for water cooling you should check out COOLIT systems. they do water and thermoelectric cooling.



everyday OC, 3.4ghz

FSB: 378


haha megotrice, i have the same fsb/voltage, but im using the DS3L not the 680i lt, along with an asus silent knight AL.

i have a q6600 with the asus striker 2 extreme water cooling i overclock it to 4.0ghz

im thinking about going even higher

I also have the XFX 680i LT. I've got the Ultra ChillTec paired w/ my Q6600 is at 3.2 w/ a FSB of 1423 and voltage at 1.5. If I try to bump up the FSB any higher than that I either can't get into XP or that silly "Safe Mode" enables in bios.

Nice, I'm getting the Q6600. Maybe I'll get watercooling and overclock it to insane speeds.