Q6600 overclocking

Hi overclock noob here,

I have a q6600 on a MSI p6N diamond with a zalman 9700led cpu fan. I want to overclock it. I was hoping to do about 3.2 or 3.4 ghz. Is that feasible? If yes what programs should I use and can I do it without doing stuff in the bios?


how is that heatsink?

Natural FSB's are safe. (1066//1333//1600) Voltages are easily changed if needed.

Programs never work (besides that Intel shit) You don't need a quad core higher than 3.0Ghz

Yeah you could probably overclock that fine.

Water cooling is always more rape but that heatsink is fine for a slight overclock.

You could hit 3 ghz barely trying i'd bet.

overclocking software doesn't work. gigabyte has some that does, but its only for gigabyte boards.

you have to do it in bios.

I have Q6600 and Zalman 9700 NT. Right now, my temps are 38c, 38c, 36c and 37c @ 3.2Ghz. It is better to do it in bios.

just overclocked my q6600 to 3ghz (fsb 333mhz, 9x multiplier)

on the zerotherm nirvana temps are

min: 22ºC, 21ºC, 18ºC, 18ºC

max: 34ºC, 30ºC, 25ºC, 25ºC

i was gonna run prime95, then jason says IT'LL BE STABLE, I KNOW IT! so i'll prolly bump it up to 3.2ghz like belial, or even try 3.4ghz..

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edit: for the past half an hour of prime95 testing, the max temps are up to 55, 53, 50 and 50ºC

first 2 cores are sticking around 50ºC while the last 2 cores are around 45ºC while at 100% load

i would think that 50 is a very good temp for max load, i would be happy.

even 60 wouldn't be a bad max temp, especially at 3.0ghz! however, if it ever did get above 60 i would lower my overclock... whats your voltage at?

lol it's set at auto, so it varies from 1.2-low 1.3v

i dunno if i should just set it to low 1.3, but for now it's left on auto because i haven't seen it go anywhere near 1.4v and i want it to last as long as it can. so unless i'm doing something something cpu intensive, (games/video editing, etc etc) i don't mind the auto setting toning down the speed and voltage of the cpu for me.

oh and after about 9 hours of prime95 running (while i was sleeping) max temps rose to 55ºC, 53ºC, 52ºC and 49ºC. so i'll say i did a damn good job at not putting too much thermal grease and putting on the zerotherm nirvana, for a first timer that is.

YESS i finally grew the balls to screw my warranty fear and overclock that shit. Right now i am at 3ghz on myq6600 on an msi p6n diamond. core temps at 100% load are 52 52 47 48. Question these are my current settings, what do you guys think?

FSB Clock 1333

Memory Clock 700 (btw I have no iea about memory clocks why they are important and at which speeds i should run em, I read that some dude used that speed on the same mobo as me so i copied, should I increase, decrease leave at same?)

Multiplier x9

dram config 5 4 4 15, 1t

pcie freq 100

cpu volts: 0.0375v

mem volts 2.0v (how is this number important? if my memory specs say 2.1 v, how much does it matter that i ve set it at 2,)

nb volts default

sb volts 1.5

fsb vtt volts 12%

I am thinking of going up to 3.2 or 3.4 ghz

Good job.

how can i overclock my amd x2 any one :D.

i already posted this in the overclock thread on the main page but i'll put it here too i guess

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