Q: What drivers for gaming on a QUADRO?

My brother wanted a gaming pc, so I purchased a p1000 and put it in one of my haswell Optiplex desktops. It’s a 250w SFF desktop, with only 2 Low Profile slots. I would have gotten a 1050 or 1650, but the PCI e X16 slot is in the SECOND slot, so you have NO room for a 2 slot card. It was either this, the gt1030 or the AMD wx 4100 -__-.

So, since he isn’t really using it for CAD or anything of the like, should try to mod a GeForce driver, or should I just use the Quadro precision drivers?

I originally had a gt730 in it, and when i swapped in the p1000 it worked just fine, and showed up as a GeForce driver. However literally no options showed up in the Nvidia control panel, and it displayed kinda … wierd (although my version of win 10 isn’t activated yet ) .

The funny thing is that MSI afterburner allowed me to play with the clocks and fan curve, even though you’d think those things would be off limits on a quadro.

SO: Is a moded driver worth the hassle, or should I install a precision driver for him. Should I just leave it in this limbo GeForce state? Are there any other options to increase the performance of this 640 CUDA core card without killing the card or PSU? What do you all recommend? Thanks!

P.s. I don’t use the NVidia sign-in B.S. experience software. Every driver I just download from their website.


If you mod a driver, it will break the signature of the driver. If a driver has a broken or missing signature, windows will refuse to load it normally. If you force windows to load unsigned drivers via enabling test mode, there are lots of anticheat softwares that will refuse to run. Re-signing the driver yourself is an (expensive) option, code signing certificates are generally $80 USD per year or more.

Even if you just mod the INF? I just want to trick the Geforce to install on the quadro by making it think it’s a 1050 :confused:

Yes, even though the INF itself is not signed, only certain INF(s) are whitelisted by the driver package, so if you change the INF, it will fail because the INF is not longer in the whitelist.

Also, that project you linked is dead… The repository is gone.