Python list indices must be intergers not str?

ok, im not overly sure as to why its giving me this message as it is an interger:

i was making a bit of code that would end as a password locker, the encryption will realy just be taking the askii value of a char in a string from each line in a file and change it up and down depending on how long the password is, this can then be done over and over again, layering the passwords ontop of each other.


def encrypt(s):
    for x in s:

thats not all of it so the lenStr may be a bit strange. its the line with sCopy[x]=int(ord(s[x])) that throws the error above, s is a list of strings where ord() is copying and converting them one by one to an interger, i shouldnt need the int() around it but that didnt stop the error either

found the answer

for x in range(s):

not for x in s:

If you're doing this kind of stuff you might be interested in having a read about the caesar cipher (if I understand you correctly is very similar to what you're doing) and substitution ciphers. You can do some pretty cool stuff when it comes to scrambling and unscrambling your data.