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Python Broken: right click > open > nothing happens



Software: Windows 8.1 , Python 3.6.3
Issue: IDLE isn’t invoked via Explorer .py files.

Attempts so far:

  • Choose Default Program
    SublimeText: Works every time
    Python.exe (python cmd thing): launches the dos screen to quickly vanish
    Pythonw.exe (python IDLE editor - what I want it to open in): Nothing happens.
    Video Post
  • Right Click contextual modification
    I attempted using Regedit for modifying of HKLR (key for opening .py filextn) to say “edit” instead of “open”, making the contextual edit menu read Edit With instead of Open With. I didn’t manage to complete the Regedit and make it read Edit With (it still says open with) - this attempt is a stub a requires expansion (help needed…)
  • Reinstalling Python & Modules etc.

Notable Thoughts:
When I see YouTube videos/tutorials of other people opening python files from explorer, their context menus in explorer read “Edit With > Desired Program” as opposed to my instance of “Open With > Desired Program”. Could this be the root of all evils?


I’d just ‘open with’ Notepad++, or is there some magical python editor everyone else uses on windows?


How about “Choose default program…” -> look for whatever you want to open it with -> hit OK?

Am I missing something? Doesn’t matter if it says edit or open with. There are a few filetypes that actually have both options, haven’t found any difference in them yet though.


Good question. I’m not sure why but no matter what version of Python I try to “open with” I can’t open it via right click contextual menu.
Will stackoverflow hunt why it no workie now. (Before I was just looking for how to make it say edit via my registry keys).


Not sure what happens in the first option in the background (gotta watch the taskmanager when you open it, not afterwards), but on the second there is a cmd opening, meaning the script is running. Since it apparently doesn’t halt the console it closes after it finishes running and the python executable is terminated.
This is intended behaviour (the cmd “should” stay open when there is an error though, provided the error halts the script/output).

I thought you wanted to open an editor though. Those two appear to be the executable to run the script, not an editor.


I would like use python IDE on linux.
For example pycharm


maybe you can use CMD to launch it so that you can see some error log.


Yeah opening it with python.exe will just run the script. (the dos window)

If you do not have the ‘Edit with idle’ context menu, there is a registry edit to add it manually on the final post here:

Personally, I’d just use pycharm, wingide or notepad++ though. All are free/have free versions.