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Push/Pull optimal fan speeds

I’m using a Push/pull configuration on my CPU cooler and wanted to ask what are the optimal speeds to have the fans running?

the optimal speed is as high as it goes for cooling. however that is loud and annoying, i suggest manually changing it to a set amount while listening until you find a level you like and can run forever and not go insane, then check temps and benchmark to see how hot it gets and does it throttle. if it’s fine then set up a fan curve.


Honestly, unless you are doing a massive monster wide radiator I see no reason of push pull. A decent fans with 2 and more mm/H2O can do just fine on a standard 30mil rad. On top of that the performance difference is not that great.

But if you have it already your best bet is to go for best noise and then adjust that to cover the thermals.
My 30% fans are keeping my CPU around 60C under heavy load, so I have 30% fanspeed flat curve.


I have a curve set up in the BIOS and at the beginning at the curve, the fan next to the RAM slots is a bit faster than the one behind it. The cooling fans are Noctuas NF-P12 reduxs.

I disagree, the slowest it can go, while still keeping overall temp low enough would be “optimal”

But I prefer the inefficiency of just full bore, so I don’t have to worry about load.
My fans are quiet enough for it not to be an issue…

I guess I also use ear buds, and don’t have the best hearing Anyway…

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good point his focus may be silent as possibly not best performance.

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Honestly, silence isn’t what I’m looking for in these dog days of summer. Even though my room is the coldest in my home, it will still hit 85F+ in here and I know that my fans will need to pick up a bit but I don’t want to use water cooling in my rig, which is why I’m asking about the best speeds for my push/pull config.

Hello and welcome back!

I have manual fan curves set inside the bios. iirc lowest speed(~40%) at ~50C (122 freedom units), about 60% speed at ~65C (149 freedom units) and full bore (100%) at 80C (176 freedom units) - Both push/pull fans run at the same speeds, following the cpu temperature. (at some point I had the pull fans be at full stop under ~60C but it made no difference to the sound so EH :man_shrugging:)

If you can’t be arsed to manually set the fan curves, there (inside the bios) should be preconfigured fan curves, silent, normal, turbo. Just choose one that suits your needs.

The cpu temperature is the key, if (big if) you can run the fans at the minimum speed and keep temps under control at 100% cpu utilization go for it! But that’s a nerds wet dream - Usually you want the fans running at max at the temperature you feel comfortable with (which is different for almost every cpu… Iirc intel cpu’s thermal throttle at ~100C… But I feel much comfortable knowing that fans hit 100% at around 80C so there’s some leeway)

It’s all up to you! If you don’t care about the sound just run the fans at 100% all the time :grin: