Push/Pull Config's

Hi Guys, i just watched linus' (linustechtips') video about push/pull configurations when using a air or water cooler. I know about the science about it and know that using push/pull is better than both a push config and a pull config.

My question is, what exactly is push, or pull? which is which and where is the air getting pushed to etc. for example what is meant by a push fan? is this a fan thats pushing air into the room from the rad or a fan thats pushing air into the rad from the air?!? hope this makes sense ://

Push means the direction of the air goes towards a heatsink or radiator. Pull means the opposite.

You only really need one or the other, providing you have good fans with good static pressure.

Push and pull is a combination of both. A fan sandwich. With air being pushed through the fins and sucked out the other side by an additional fan.

Push pull is only marginally better than pull or push. Most people do not have an appropriate amount of space in their chassis for push/pull anyway.

cheers dude. clears up a load of things.