Purity of Sound chipset, DAC worth it?

I'm running an Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty Killer motherboard with a purity of sound audiochip that supports up to 600ohm headsets, would gettting a dac+amp (i.e - http://www.jdslabs.com/products/48/o2-odac-combo/ ) make much of a difference for a set of Dt 880's? or would the sound difference be so minimal that it would better to pocket the money and put it to better use... Any help explaining how this standalone DAC+AMP benefits audio listening would also be great =) thanks

It would make some difference, but it would be relatively minor, probably not worth the money to any non audiophile. If you do decide to go for a dac and amp, get a Schiit Modi and Magni, they offer marginally better sound then an O2+Odac for a few bucks less. Note: if you're really set on 600ohm beyerdynamics, (which I don't recommend) I would buy an amp, I can't find too much information on what your motherboard's audio is really capable of, and hardware manufacturers sometimes overstate the capabilitys of their hardware, especially when It comes to audio.  

Shiit Modi and Magni? ill look into that, $80 cheaper sounds really great, but how are they a bit better if i may ask....

Some users who have tried both the O2/odac and the schiit stack say the schiit sounds slightly better subjectivity, but the difference is so minor that it may just be the placebo effect. More information about the differences between the two can be found here. In terms of features and usability, the O2 barely edges out the Schiit stack, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the extra cash. 

I discovered the O2 amp by doing research. I kept ending up on NwAvGuy's site... Anyway, I was considering the Schiit stuff... but this: http://nwavguy.blogspot.ca/2011/07/banned-at-head-fi.html

You're going to let a guy who doesn't own or even tested one himself dissuade you based on a community? 

So, from the blogspot (might have been fixed), it seems like the Schiit have some bad glitches. So now its between the Mayflower Objective2, (would get the DYI kit but don't have any soldering tools... and in college so still a possibility during the summer though) and the JDS Labs )2+ODAC, which one would you say is better? (both provide DYI Kits)

Actually, the shit stack is just about the same price is the o2/ODAC right now. $220 for the stack and you have to buy your own cables, and the o2/ODAC is $239.99.