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Purism announces Librem 5 shipping schedule (tl;dr -September 2019)


Purism has announced their shipping plans for the Librem 5 smartphone.

They’ll be using iterative batch shipping.

First few runs will come off the production lines and be shipped September 24th – October 22nd.

Improvements to the case and switches will be included in later batches, shipping October 29th – November 26th.

Improved power management and the Purism Store will be included in batches shipped between January 7th – March 31st.

Ready-to-go, Long Term Support release will ship Q2 2020.

Customers who placed earlier orders can get their phones faster or (optionally) request that their order be filled later in order to get the case and button improvements.

Finally, revision 2 has been announced, using a faster 14nm processor in Q4 2020.



I only ordered mine a few days ago, last day of Aug, hopefully I don’t have to wait until June 2020. When do you think you’re getting yours? I checked the purism forums and there is some speculation on the batch sizes.



wasn’t the dev package supposed to come in mid 2018, final product in jan 2019. (all preordered)