Purely Functional Data Structures

So I was told from a wizard to get this book and learn from it. Have any of you ever read this book?

I have read from it and found it very interesting. I have begun implementing some of the data structures in Scala in this repo.

I have read most of the book but its a lot of absorb so I thought I would re-approach it by implementing each piece and then actually try to do the math for bankers or the physics one. I will update this whenever I study the book and if any of you decide to look it up you can post what you have learned from it.


Another update, I implemented member and insert on the red and black tree. Later I may optimize it by trying to do lazy rebuilding or global rebuilding. Not sure when I will get to that or if I would just do that to one of the other data structures the book uses. Look what I added and tell me your thoughts.