Punish IW - Call of Duty Ghosts/Problems

Hey Guys, i am just posting this to show my anger at IW and how badly optimized the game is for pc.

Here is some problems:

1. There is no FOV changer, no console - stuck at 65 and hurts my head,

2. FPS can never be steady - or even higher unless you have a crazy rig which also has problems

3. The settings seem to be extremely basic - the audio options seem limited.

4. FPS stuttering, and losing connection is extremely prominent on both single player and multi-player

5. The supposed 60fps on all systems is bs, i have turned down all settings at 1600:1050 and still can't reach that.

6. Mouse sensitivity will jump out of nowhere at times which even on lowest settings mean i can accidentally to a 360 spin without moving 2 cm

7. there is no bar or ping number to show you connection etc.

Alot of people have been having problems on pc, there is even sli/crossfire incompatibility for some and in a video by totalbiscuit, shows his dual titans - had to go down to one, struggling to run ghosts.

i am running a HD 7870 msi oc edition (want to upgrade to a 290 or 290x at Christmas)

phenom ii x4 810 (upgrading for Christmas to 8350 or 4770k)

8gb of ram

I really hope the have a patch fixing these things, because at the moment it is unplayable and they seem to have shown no attention to the pc gaming people.


Wouldn't get your hopes up, they have your money now and they won't stop making bad rehashes if they keep making bucket-loads of money. Also people shouldn't have high expectations of console ports.

Well the game is a launch title, so you might have to give it a couple months for it to be buttery smooth on your pc. Even when it does run smooth it will still look like shit.

I watched this video of Barnacules playing it and it made my mind up about buying this game.


Yeah, i know guys, I pre-ordered it - for cheap 40 bucks from my friend and was thinking it may be better than BO2 - from the trailers and i am hoping it just gets better.....i mean Black ops 2 was a really nicely optimised game though - was running 100+ fps on it maxed out.

Watch the TotalBiscuit WTF is CoD Ghosts. He runs 2 Titans and his framerate is pretty average on the game, even though the textures aren't all that fantastic.

Yeah i watched it, i'm actually going to wait until an update comes out, then ill start the game up again.

Add this: The game is capped to 90FPS, but there are gamers with 120+ Hz monitors and there even is an option to use 120Hz in the options menu.

IW Logic right there - also i don't think it supports multiple monitors


Nope if you've seen Barnacules video that's why he hates it so much. Well if you haven't he has 3 46" 1080p tvs and can only use one tv.