Public Display streaming video over LAN? (NEC V463)


Today we got an NEC V463 in our office for screen sharing, however it seems that this monitor does not support screen sharing over LAN.

We need a display which allows streaming video from our desktop screens on the display over LAN.

So now we need to know if it's even possible and if not - what other screen (in this price segment) allows streaming over LAN.

Sorry for my butchered English and thanks in advance! :)

Product Link (GER):
and in English:

Buy a chromecast and use it to mirror things from your desktop

Yeah, we thought of that - now the question is if this display supports streaming and if not, which can?

If it has a HDMI slot then Chromecast can use it.

Any other options?

depends, do you want it to be wireless or not. Wireless there are a bunch of options like microsofts miracast streaming device. Wired you could get a big hdmi kvm switch and route cables to different devices

You cant wire it - we need access from other rooms, that's why we opted for LAN/Network based streaming...

You should be able to connect multiple stream sources over LAN.

Then I would opt for either a chromecast or the microsoft miracast thing