PSU recommendations please, thanks

So, I´ve build my system with the following components and I am uncertain as to what PSU I should go for and how much power it needs.

AMD FX-6300 (planning to run it at stock clock and deactivate the Turbo Core or whatever it´s called)

Gigabyte 990XA-UD3

6 Gb DDR3 RAM @ 1066 MHz; 2 Gb + 4 Gb in Dual Channel mode

Sapprihe Radeon R7 240 with 1 Gb GDDR5

Crucial MX100 256 Gb SSD

Kingston SSD Now V300 120 Gb

Sound on-board

Ethernet on-board

From what I know so far my system should theoretically, because all depends on the PSU´s efficiency, if maxed out, consume around 150 W.

I'd believe your calculations but any potential max load may spike a tiny bit above, especially if using external drives and a combination of USB devices etc. But you may have even included that. I'd say any decent 300w-350w ATX PSU whilst overkill, wouldn't really be an issue.

What is the PC for?

Yeah, that´s why I´ve said theoretically. I know that any device sometimes spikes above it´s actual max power consumption and in order to prevent system slow downs I should go for something like a 300-350 PSU.

Well, I do play games with it, mainly. Yes, the R7 240 is enough for what I am playing. I´ve chosen this CPU because it´s got six cores and therefor enough cores to run on-board sound a ethernet and I can also use it to compress video files which I want to record with that system.

I might go for a better graphics card as the R7 240 is very low end. I do intend to play BF3 with it, even if I have to run it on low settings.

Watched a couple of videos of the GDDR5 version and how it performs with said processor or equivalent ones.

I was wondering what feature the PSU would have to have, like for example this one

I don´t know exactly what this whole +3,3V 21 amps etc. is supposed to mean.

I do know that from this you can tell how much power can go to the CPU and motherboard and GPU but I don´t know which one stands for what.

I think some of the best budget power supplies are the CX series from corsair. They are inexpensive and can be semi-modular if needed. Plus you don't have extremely efficient hardware so its 80+ Bronze rating should be fine for you. 

I don´t have extremely efficient hardware? What´s that supposed to mean?

CPU draws up to 95 W usually, GPU up to 30 W, SSD draw approximately 3 W each and motherboards barely draw any power.

So, how´s that not efficient? O_o


EDIT: Still the whole +3,3V +5V and +12 rail stuff is confusing. I´ve read that the +12V rail is the most important but which rail supplies which components with power?

How do I find the right PSU for my system or one that fits as good as possible?

Been reading about this for hours now ... actually days already. Everyone gives different suggestion on the several forums out there.

The 12 volt rail is the one which is directly converted from the net voltage (230V), this is usually also the rail which powers the main components like CPU, GPU, HDDs and so on. The rails with lower voltages are further converted from the 12V rail.

I wouldn't overthink this stuff, just pick one with a good rating. For this power range I could recommend the bequiet straight power 400W, which I used in my home server and works like a charm! Do you already have a list of PSUs which you looked at. Maybe you could post some and we take it from there...



What I mean by that is AMD is not as efficient as intel up to this point. Its not a rag on anyone or AMD it's just a fact. Also AM3+ MOBOs can't take advantage of some of the more advanced power features, on current intel platforms. Again not a rag on anyone, your platform is just older than the new Haswell refresh for example, so you don't necessarily need a new Platinum, Titanium, or Whatever model. In a nutshell you don't have a $3000 system so you don't need a crazy PSU. 

As for the rails you really don't need to worry about it, you have no crazy power requirements so just find a 450 watt PSU from a good manufacturer like Corsair, Cooler Master, Seasonic, etc....

If you're really keen on learning about power supplies here's a couple videos.....



Well, this one looked pretty good:

This is from be quiet:

This one is gold rated:

This one is gold rated as well:


Yes, I do sometimes buy components on ebay as sometimes they´ve got the best prices.

Yes, this is € not USD since I am from Germany ... .

Intel is irrelevant ever since the findings of the famous professor Agner Fog.

Intel is and will never be a choise for me. If ARM or VIA ever gets into this business I´d consider if price performance is good / better but never ever Intel.

Ignorance is bliss, holy shit what a stupid response. As if all intel cpus are automatically bad... 

Well excuse me but if one may be called ignorant then it is YOU.

Do you even know Agner Fog and what he´s found out about "good" old Intel? Apparantly not because otherwise you wouldn´t talk such nonsense.

Also, where have I claimed that Intel CPUs are bad? Care to enlighten me / us about this?

All I´ve said is that Intel´s products are not an option due to Intel´s anti-competetive behaviour through software manipulation and not only that.

Many people also know how Intel has bribed OEMs to not sell AMD products and favour Intel products.

The bribing might have stopped but the illegal software manipulation is still present in many programs.

I would go with the BeQuiet one.  Next choice would be FSP's.

What about this one?

Found another one:

Seasonic all the way.

What if I added an R7 260X instead?

It would perform a lot better than the R7 240.  The R7 240 isn't really made to game; it's only really made to give you a display output.

If you can, try to get the R7 265 or R9 270.

Check out this list!

it'll give you an overall idea of PSU

Jakob everything you say about Intel is true and it is also true for Microsoft and most any company that has found itself in a position of power.  Every large company has good people and bad people, every large company has people that will make the world worse to help themselves.

It is not accurate to judge by labels such as "Intel", "Germany", or "Organic".  Judging by labels is a mental short cut.

For your PSU, if your expected total maximum sustained draw is 150 Watts then 150 Watts on the 12 Volt rail is all you need.  You don't need to worry about temporary spikes in power needs, the PSU will handle spikes fine.  But, most people would overspec a little and if I were in your situation I would use a 300 Watt rated PSU.  PSU's tend to be more efficient in the 50-75% load range, and it's also nice to keep the PSU fan running quietly or not running at all.

You don't need a gold rated supply because your power needs are relatively low and therefore the wasted energy is also low.

I don´t judge Intel´s CPU by their label, being Intel. I judge Intel not their products. In order to make Intel understand, not only have I chose to boycott their products, I am also informing people about their foul play and suggest them to buy AMD or anything else in case there will ever be another desktop CPU manufacturer besides Intel and AMD.

Also, I´ve already picked a PSU but it´s got 350W instead and is rated 80+ Gold.

Just grab whichever one you want. I worked for the electric company for 10 years and I used to do estimates on how people could lower they're power bills. The difference between you will see between your system, and say a massively overclocked system, will be maybe $20 a year. Just pick what you like :). Picking a computer for efficiency is crazy, they all use less than a 60w lightbulb