PSU problem

Since i finished building my PC and my parents that are divorced i have to carry my pc because my laptop died and i noticed something wierd, when i plugged my pc when i change houses it wont bootup at 1st but at the 20th turn and after that 20th turn it says overclocking failure and it showed 2 options wich i don't remeber now

My PSU is a corsair 600M can somebody plz explain if thats normal?

pretty vague, maybe when  you can tell us what those options were we can help.

i just remeberd the first one it said:

F1 reset to default values


what are the rest of your system specs?

CPU intel core I5 3570K

GPU Asus radeon R7 260x

Motherboard: Msi Z77-G41

RAM:8GB kingston hyperx blue

yeah the fans kick but my HDD (WD 1TB green it might help) makes sound that spins faster than the usual and then it shuts off 5 seconds later

What do you mean by click?

No it doesn't im using it right now

This is funny because the same thing happens to me regularly. From my research it could be the CMOS battery on your motherboard? I haven't had the chance to replace mine to see if that fixes it but is an easy/cheap place to start as well.

There is a quick outline of what happens when it starts to die/dies. 

let me know if you try changing it! I will have to grab a battery today!

Thats where the weird part begins the box said the battery will have 10K hours of battery life and this motherboard is like 4/5 months old and its already failing

Yeah it might be that ill jus t have to buy another laptop thx for the help

have you overclocked your CPU?


only once and it wasOC genie, didn't notice much and set it to default

"will" and "do" are two different things I guess? :P It is possible to get a bunk battery though.