PSU only works sometimes?

I have a Seasonic X-400 Gold that runs my UnRaid server.

Issue is, now it only works sometimes?
I can power it on, nothing happens, but turn the on/off switch on the backside on and off like 10 times and suddently it fires.

There is something wrong with it, but I cant figure out what or why.

So, I dont totally trust it any longer.

My UnRaid is only powered on maximum 3 times per month, its a cold storage local backup.
So it runs 5 harddrives and a ssd, a low power CPU and 2x sata controllers, plus 4 fans. I know It dont pull more than around 150watt in total, so the 400w is no limit

Modular design is a big plus, as it helps routing in my 4U case

But what should I replace it with?
Dont want to spend a fortune due to the not so often use, but then again, also want a reliable unit that dobt catches fire.

What to do?

I ended up getting a pretty good deal on this thing

And now while im at it anyway, I also ordered a new case. Much better cooling for the drives, and much more quiet

Swapping the fans out with redux fans all around instead.

Problem solved (fingers crossed)

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Sounds like a bad solder joint. Can be an annoying repair.