PSU high beep tone (help)[Solved)

Hello since i  have my new build  somethimes my powersupply, makes a realy high frequent beep, it mostly does wenn im running browser google chrome. (inflashgames, it somethimes lagged) and that infects the beeps too.

it looks like its depending de brightness of the screen, very light and white pages, the beep becomes stronger, i listened very carefully to all components, but im realy sure its comming out of the power suply!

the power supply is a Cooler Master GX Lite 700 Watt..

some one has an idea? what it could be? could i  fix it? or will it be a failure in the power supply?

or do i need to  go back to the  shop with the power supply?

or do i need a higher power supply?

grtz Kira

Please tell us your system specs, that would help to figure out if youre not meeting certain power requirements, although your best bet might just be to return it and get a different one.

case Ms-tech crow 3  3 case fans

psu: coolermaster gx lite 700 W

Mainboard: Asus M5A97 evo r2.0

cpu: AMD-FX8350

ramm: 2x8 GB crosair vengance 1600 mhz

gpu: HiS Radeon 7870

hardisk: WD blue 640 GB sata 2 (will come a new one soon)

dvd burner

i realy hope its not an unpowering issue, but it seems to be , wenn i gonne  ask more graphical things it seems then the beep shows up, wenn im using google chome its very bright colors  of if i gonne play a game like  farcry it beeps constanly, wenn i stop gaming runn idle windows the beep dissapeared, wenn i run internet explorer or firefox, it doesn start inmedatly beeping but after a few minutes depends on the  colours, wenn i run google chrome the beep starts inmeadaly



I dont think it's underpowering, I suggest gtting a different power supply, it's not that big of a hassle.

The GPU dosent use power for bright colors, its the Graphic Processing that require high power. i.e. when playing high graphic games or editing video, internet browsing hardly uses the GPU.

Are you sure that the PSU is beeping ? Its very unlikely.



If it is the case

According to me if the Power Supply beeps, there might be three cases.

Either there is some short circuit. (In this case the PC will not start only)

It is not getting proper external power. (Check the cords) (maybe Mains Earthing Faulty) 

Lastly the power supply itself can be faulty.



i went back to the shop with the power supply, they tested it, with a  geforce 650  and did some benchmarks and so.

The power supply, was oke, thats what they told me, so i said , test it with a better graphic card.

They tested it with a better card, and i suppose then it began to beep, cause they say me, that i have better change the power supply for a higher one, who is 80 + certified.

the coooler Master GX lite 700W is not a 80 + certified.

they trully think, my 7870 his radeon  asks to much.

they adviced me to  change the power supply to a 80+ certified one? so what do you all think?

they wont give me a new one, cause they say the power supply is ok nothing wrong with it, only its under powering my system.?

they want me to sell a cooler master silent pro who is  15 euro more and 620 W 80 +, but i dont want that, cause then i go back in power.

Now i have to think what to do, they also said, they could sell me an Enermax NAXN 82+ 750W ATX 80+ and modular, its 35 euro more, do you all think its worth it ?

 the shop only sells coolermaster  antec enermax or ms-tech power supply´s

can an earth fault causing this kinds of problems ?

i dont have an earthed wall socket in my bedroom

Sounds like coil whine, not a beep. This happens to some components depending on load.

A 600W power supply is fine. I run a 8350 and a 7970 (full specs on profile) off of a 600W power supply.

As long as the PSU is 80+ Bronze or better you will be fine.

- zanginator

are they not willing to refund it for store credit and you just pay the difference for the better psu? but no your gpu is not asking to much, that's bs look at my system you will see that im running on a 550 wat psu, and my cpu drains 170wats (which is fucking uneeded to power hungry for my liking lol) of that under load and im running a 660 which is close but less to a 7870 in power comsumption. so the psu is most likely faulty or just complete shit. either way go for an antec out of the 3, antec make some boss psu's

this is odd... CM's website says input voltage of 180-260v... which looks to me like it's meant for europe, where they tend to use 220 or 240v for most things... and the wattage should be fine. see if you can get an antec 750w.

its not odd, you right i am From Netherlands :)

But as i said, the cooler master GX lite 700 is not a 80 plus certified psu

thats why it was cheaper, 700Watt but not 80+ certified.

so maybe its not a bad idea to chence it, and spend some extra money on a 750 Watt 80 + certified..

or an antec. some one knows if an Enermax NAXN 82+ 750W ATX is a good psu ?

or an antec 750.

CoolerMaster 750 Watt 80 plus they dont have it in stock so i need to wait two weeks. and im not quiet an patient Girl in those kind of things.



Could be coil-whine. I would turn the component back and get a new one. Or you can get a better PSU. SeaSonic is highly recommended!

thnx for the tip, but thats just the problem, they refuse to chance the psu.

i asked for a new one, cause i tought a 700 watt cooler master without 80+ must be good to.

And there must be a problem with the power supply it self, but they tested that thing wit a low end video card and it worked just fine with no beeps.

so they say the power supply is fine, and there is no problems with it.

but i asked them to test it with a  heaver  video card, and then it started to beep.

so they refuse to give me a new  cooler master gx lite 700W cause they say its working fine, i only can get the same psu (not a new one), with beep, or but a 80+ certified one, that cost a bit more money.

im angry but they are this way. they wont give me a new one, cause they say the psu works fine, only my card is probably to heavy :s

Thank you all for youre help till now.

it seems to me that im better of with buying a psu who is 80+ brons certified, as far as i see all youre comments.

80+brons certification is just the thing my  current power supply coolermaster gx lite 700W doesn´t have :)

maybe it could be coil whine, but most coil wine sounds i heared on youtube movies, are sounding like an old 56 k modem.

But my problem sounds totaly diffrence, like a hart machine on an intensive care, wenn a heart stops beating, you get a  hight continu beep sound. thats the sound my power supply makes under gaming :)

Problem is solved, i made a deal for 35 euro´s more i bought a EnerMax  Naxn 82+ 750 W  80+ bronze.

Now the beep is gone finaly :)

The PSU coolermaster GX lite 700W was no 80+ bronze certified, and it was to weak for my 7870 ghz edition.

its a good learn for nexttime... never  save money on a power supply :)

thank you all for helping  ☻