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PSU for threaripper 3970x + two gpus

I’m building a TR 3970x workstation piece by piece. I had order a 1000W seasonic PSU but then I realized it might not be enough, so I RMAed.

Now I’m thinking of going with a Seasonic PRIME 1300W 80+ Platinum Power Supply.

My build will consist of the 3970x, one powerful NVIDIA gpu (3080ti?) eventually and one AMD Pro gpu (possibly future release for Mxgpu?).

Is 1300 watts enough? Hell, that’s getting close to needing a new circuit i would imagine??

1300W should probablly be fine.
Of course we cannot really speak about,
how much power those futured gpu’s might going draw.
Because frankly they aren’t out yet.

But stil… since you are not opting for a 3990X,
i think it should be fine.

3990x has the same PSU.

Also, i just found out that season 1600w psu. I may wait for it.

Not sure what you mean by that.
But a 3990X has double the amount of cores that a 3970X.
So it will also draw significantly more power then a 3970X.

I had my 3970X + dual 2080 Ti rig folding on CPU & GPUs and it pulled 1300 watts max. Nothing overclocked except XMP enabled.


Woops. Meant TDP

Yeah but TDP doesn’t really tell me that much.
It’s just a number measured in Watts on which a cooling,
solution should be capable to dissipate from the die.
It’s somewhat related to TPD but it isn’t the same.

Of course more headroom never hurts if money aint an issue.

That’s pretty badass by the way :laughing:
measured with a killawatt?

My AX1600i and my UPS.