PSU for 3 way crossfire

I want to upgrade my power supply, so, considering the upcoming rx 480 is only a 6 pin card, I was keen on buying a power supply that can hold a 3 way crossfire of rx 480.
I would like to spend less than 150 us dollars


Also there will probably be aftermarket cards with 8 pin connectors

and even 2 way crossfire wouldn't exactly be worth it

are you running like 3 4k displays or something?

I would caution against 3 way crossfire. 3 way crossfire and sli have never been well optimized, and until the built in dx12 multigpu support is universal, there is not guarantee that 3 way will be fixed. 3 way and 4 way sli were so terrible that nvidia killed it officially. I would try 2 cards and if you really need that extra bit, than try a third card. If your dead set on it, a 850 watt would be more than enough and a 750 would probably provide ample headroom tbh. This platinum rated rosewill unit it $130:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

3 IPS 1440, that´s the sweet spot

Well just get 2 man, and then put the rest of that money towards Vega, unless you have a high wattage CPU, you can crossfire 2 480s on a 750W PSU

Although I guess you might as well go 1000W it's $160 though, probably one of the best there is atm, Corsair RM1000x

there's only like 3 games that are going to scale, and you'd still have even bigger frame time issues to deal with, also I updated that other post with PSU

it's really not worth to go for 3, it's hardly even worth it to go for 2

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Lets also list some of the other benchmarks from this TweakTown article,

5 extra fps going from 2 way to 3 way, and -1fps going from 3 way to 4 way

1 fps gained going from 2 way to 3 and 4 way.

3fps gained going from 2 way to 3 way, and 3fps more gained going from 3 way to 4 way.

For every game that is perfectly optimized, there are 4 that are equally broken. Mind you, these are triple A games which are going to have been optimization than smaller games. Those smaller games are not going to have nearly as many good for bad, as there is not close to as much development money and not any more incentive to optimize for triple or quad graphics card setups.

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3 rx 480s? Why not just 2 490s when those get released should be easier on your psu, better optimized for gaming since it's only 2 cards, and probably slightly cheaper because again 2 cards instead of 3.

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Maybe 2 way, but not 3 way. Unless you just wanna brag in synthetic benchmarks. Save the money on the 3rd card towards other components instead.

Unless someone has high end cards to easily beat it out lol

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The RX 480 is a mid range card so I'm sure 100% that won't be compatible with 3-way Crossfire, like the 280, 280X, 285, 380 and 380X.

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