PSU 4870x2?

I have an Antec True Power Trio 650watt, and am going to get the plait revolution 700, 4870x2, the psu requirements say for a 650 watt with a 6 pin pci e and a 8 pin e, I have one 6 pci e, and then another 6 pin, but this one has a +2 extension, but the two wires for the extentsion are black, so they are ground......

will it work?


Im not trying to be a smartass but what else needs 8 pins in a 16x slot??

if it doesnt work just use some of the molex adapters that come with the box

I think those molex adapters are 6 pins, not 8....and I dont think a 6 to 8 adapter would be smart, i was looking online and the card isnt even availible yet, anyone have any idea when it will?

Id even know th im sure its at least 550.

there are two molex to 8pin adpaters. ive seen them before

rrrrrrr.....all I want to know is if that 6+2 pin pci e cable will work with this....

Expesially since this one is even MORE power hungry then the stock. shit! 3 slot cooler....

I also looked at benches, it gets 28 fps avarage @ 1920x1200 in crysis warhead on enthusiest settings with 8xaa.

So all I want to know is if it will work without the adapter.....

SOME PEOPLE...... lol........

dude I was being sarcastic earlier the answer is yes the reason its 6+2 is to be versitile so you dont have 2 cables comming out of the PSU when you dont need them both.... If it doesnt feed it enough you need a better PSU because the requirements are for basic systems (1 or 2 HDDs... dumb crap like that) and if you plan on adding anything else in the future you are going to have to upgrade it anyway trust me I know Im running 2 of them in CFX. I bought a 1250 just to be safe.

I have one hdd...

ocz 4gb ddr2 1066 kit

ga ma790x-ds4

Amd phenom 9500

thats it.