PSA: Youtube Embedded Videos Tracking, Please Use NoCookie

Couldn’t find a thread on this so here you go. Mods delete, move, lock… if this has been covered before.

So, youtube is tracking off-site users through embedded videos. You only have to load the webpage with an embedded video to load a cookie that will track you.

For all your embedded videos please use no cookie:
"<iframe width=“99999” height=“1” src=“… …>”
Not this:
"<iframe width=“99999” height=“1” src=“… …>”

additional info:

I am terriblely drunk, will edit when I sober up.

No way to modify this as discourse uses a custom component and not direct iframe embedding. If you would like this change to occur, please message them upstream.

Yep, I know. This thread was intented for a different forum, but its still a good practice to link videos using nocookie in whatever other forums or chats you maybe using. Or not if you want to track your embedded vids…