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PSA: testing for and solving random freezes on Ryzen


In that case I will also link this thread again that I put into the PM. The rest of my thoughts I have expressed there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wasn’t that a problem with Haswell (?) at one point? Some power supplies couldn’t handle the low power draw and their voltage protection would trigger, causing them to reset.

EDIT: I shouldn’t say same, but a similar-ish problem.


Not iust haswell a lot of OEM systems. Out of the box premiere crashing under load is a thing. It was fixed via updates and microcode which boost the voltage slightly. It’s an ongoing problem. On the dells the temporary fix was also to disable power management but it’s a different issue than ryzen. Disabling power management is always a thing.

I would say maybe something like if after disabling all power management the sytem still intermittently locks up you should look at your Mobo ? Hah?


I’d certainly agree with that.

But to just generalize and say “X problem is ALWAYS Y” (as per @SamX above) without any actual verification/validation is how you end up with broken diagnosis (and possibly say, RMA a good board and wait for replacement when the problem is actually something entirely different - wasting both your time, the vendor’s time, etc.).

Develop a hypothesis, test, confirm result.


I have a laptop with Raven Ridge (2200U). It locks up in Linux after a set time if I don’t turn off C6-states with Windows can run longer without locking up.


Yeah kinda i guess.
Atleast start to disable all power saving features and go from there.