PSA: MEGA favors Chrome because the FileSystem API is not considered standard by Mozilla

This is the non-standard “web standard” MEGA uses to decrypt files, and Firefox (according to MEGA) is FOREVER limited to 1GB transfers and under on MEGA because “it fills up the cache.”

Mozilla has taken a “This is non-compliant, so stop using it.” stance while it is critical to getting MEGA web working… And the only browser working for this is Chrome, which is about to have it’s Chrome Manifest V3 apocalypse (Which Mozilla is being smoke and mirrors about what they’re doing about it) so many people will want to stick to Firefox.

Problem is, the only solution sticking to Firefox is to do a compulsory sign-up for the service, get their “MEGA Desktop App” which requires an account, (Why…) and retry the download with your account logged in on the Desktop app AND the download page open. It’s doable in a Ubuntu Live CD environment, but come on… The hoops required to get a file above 1GB on MEGA makes it so anti-user friendly.

BugMeNot doesn’t work on MEGA, so you have to use a disposable email and sign up with a fake account just to get a file… It’s 2019. This shouldn’t be how things are.

What worries me more is Mozilla’s wishy washy weasel word language about Manifest V3. But all these steps for a single file if you’re anti-Chrome is ridiculously stupid.

Yeah i ran into this in the past too. I “just” fired up chrome quickly, but it is anoying in a sense that 1. i can’t use firefox and 2. this was the first instance of a chrome standard not being a web standard that impacted me personally.
I have no clue if there are complient options to download files larger than 1G.

I really wan to use firefox and i realize not everything is their fault, but between this and the “removal” of UI customiation in 69 makes it ever harder to stay with it.
At the moment, Vivaldi is a decent alternative when it comes to customization. I’d much rather support Mozilla though, as i think they are going the right way and build something i can support. Sad that it get’s ever harder for “Powerusers”…

My problem is the Chrome Manifest V3 issue which is more pressing. Currently using Waterfox and this is the ONLY major issue I’ve encountered using both stable and the v68 alpha version. See my other thread on that.

I really hope Mozilla makes the right choice.

The FS api is not in the HTML5 spec so ofc FF doesn’t support it. Sane bs happened a bit ago with the Shadow Dom.

They’ll probably add it eventually.

I’ve downloaded files over 1GB in size on Firefox in the recent past. Just my anecdotal experience.

Yes, but MEGA believes you can’t, because it has to cache the entire encrypted file, THEN decrypt, rather than decrypt on the fly.

I meant through mega.

Megatools on linux exists

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FYI @FurryJackman the HTML5 web standards are not set by Firefox. All Firefox does is follow them.

Chrome likes to throw their weight around with shit like this.

Really isn’t open if they can still dictate what goes and can’t go. This is what I would call a threat to open standards, not embracing them.

Well, that has changed recently because of backend changes and adopting stupid APIs like this.

Central standards are created for something … If everyone begins to create their own and favor them, we will sit forever in the mud.

Wait, makes no sense… one shouldn’t have to decrypt a file while downloading it to clear any kind of cache. Nor decompress or rename or anything…
Mega must be doing some odd monkey business, because I have downloaded lots of stuff over 1gb.
Not much of it was encrypted, but a fair chunk was probably compressed

Everything is actually encrypted. MEGA grabs the ENTIRE blob first, THEN decrypts. It can’t decrypt on the fly as per the design of the system disallowing crypto until the entire blob is received by the client. That’s why they claim it fills up the browser file buffer and favor Chrome. But I think Google is being their usual selves promoting non-standard standards.

YouTube’s 360 VR videos used to be standard Equirectangular. Now it’s some weird cube format which means all Equirectangular videos are now converted to this non-standard format.

That is… not entirely true…

There are A LOT of people from both Mozilla and Google (among various other big names) in the WHATWG and W3C, so they in fact do dictate what goes and what doesn’t, it’s just a matter of discussing proposals which can take forever with them.

Also, funny that MDN mentions that there is no W3C or WHATWG spec on the file api, because… there is a spec on the file API

Granted it states that it has been discontinued, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be picked up again.

The Flexbox model was the same when it was introduced. It was canceled 3 times or so before they actually started working together and making a proper spec.